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Are you planning your wedding? See the follow offers that we gain for you.
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We give an up to 30% discount on the transportation of your guests from Rafina to Tinos (aller retour).



Choose from a variety of new cars and you will have an up to 25% discount.



You have the opportunity to choose from a variety of hotels and apartments, on any location you are interested in.


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Type the second name of the couple that have invited you to its wedding (the first choice is for man’s second name), in CAPITAL, ENGLISH LETTERS, so you can download the guide with the information and offers. (e.x. ZACHAROPOULOS)


Exo catering was founded in 2006 as an expansion in the field of catering of the Mesklies Patiserrie Co., which has served worthy the food industry for more than 15 years & operates in the islands of Tinos, Mykonos, Syros and Andros. It has more than 20 suggested venues, villas, hotels which your reception can be held.
It can organize wedding receptions, cocktail parties etc. in different places / islands when needed.

“ Every client for us is a personal relationship.
Every reception is a new challenge.
We respond to every demanding detail,
always providing the quality of our services.
__The cuisine we use
is influenced by local,
Cycladic and Mediterranean flavors.
We choose local ingredients for our cooking
because our island is considered
as culinary destination
and is famous for its primary production.

Michalis & Yorgos Amiralis ”

Michalis Amiralis

Food & Beverage Manager

+30 697 231 3316

Georgios Amiralis

Contact Person & Catering Manager

+30 693 660 4953


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